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    Develop Your Personal Brand - Guided Self-Exploration Workbook

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    Competence around race, justice and equity is a core skill in the workplace. Here is a curated list of resources for deepening your understanding of equity in the workplace.

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    Resources on finding, creating and supporting a workplace that is inclusive of people with disabilities.

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    A curated list of suggested reading, viewing and resources for by, for and about LGBTQ+ people in the workplace

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    Recommended job search sites by interest and practice areas, updated by the YSE Career and Professional Development office annually. 

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    Yale University provides extensive resources for PhD students and Post-docs for academic and non-academic career development.

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    This list of environmental consulting firms is meant to be a sampling. Firms listed generally have multiple practice areas and locations; only U.S. corporate headquarters are shown here.

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    Alumni Spotlights

    Portrait of Nikola Alexandre

    Indigenous Restoration Approaches

    As co-founder and executive director of Shelterwood, Nikola Alexandre ’18 MF, MBA leads the restoration of a 900-acre forest in Northern California with Black and Indigenous community approaches to land care.

    His work creates partnerships with and between traditional conservation NGOs, Indigenous and racial justice organizations, government agencies, and private landowners to model socially just and ecologically sound pathways to protecting and restoring nature. In 2020, Alexandre was named a Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award candidate for his work.

    Deneile Cooper speaking at a Housing Authority event in New York City

    Waste Warrior

    As founding chair of the New York City Public Housing Authority Recycling Committee, DeNeile Cooper ’22 MEM is working to boost recycling efforts in public housing units.

    Only 2% of waste from NYCHA units is recycled. Nationally, that rate is 32%.

    “This work has been successful so far because it involves a variety of stakeholders who bring unique perspectives to create programs that work for everyone,” says Cooper, who is a member of the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board.

    Irene Shi sitting in front of blue-green lake in the Himalaya

    Preserving China’s Biodiversity

    As the executive director of the Shan Shui Conservation Center in China, Irene Xiangying Shi ’13 MESC is helping conservation efforts in the Tibetan Plateau and southern regions. The Center focuses its work on urban ecosystems and endangered species, such as giant pandas and snow leopards. 

    “If we have the right incentives,” she says, “people will conserve nature in the best way." Her efforts have helped build a biodiversity conservation alliance, an information sharing platform on biodiversity, and long-term funding mechanisms to continue work on these issues.

    Ki’ila Salas

    Restoring Belize’s Landscapes

    Ki’ila Salas ’19 MF returned to her home country of Belize to participate in its first landscape restoration initiative, helping to develop its National Landscape Restoration Strategy for the Belize Forest Department. The project is part of the country’s national restoration commitment to the Bonn Challenge, which has a global goal to bring 350 million hectares of degraded and deforested landscapes into restoration by 2030.

    “The project gave me great pride and joy in guiding the process of how the restoration strategies should be accomplished,” Salas says.

    Rae Wynn Grant photographed by Tsalni Lassiter

    Tracking Bear Movements

    After Rae Wynn-Grant ’10 MESc studied bears in the Nevada mountains, the National Geographic Society sent her to conduct similar work with the American Prairie Reserve in the grasslands of Montana — a region where bears are not common.

    The nonprofit is seeking create a national wildlife refuge. Wynn-Grant began working with carnivores while at YSE, tracking lions in Tanzania. She has leaned on her expertise to predict which habitats will attract bears, using state and federal data and camera traps to monitor bear movements and habitats.