Career Support and Professional Community

The YSE alumni community provides a personal and professional network that sustains our graduates throughout their careers and professional lives.

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    Connect With Alumni Networks


    As a networking platform exclusively for the Yale community, AlumniFire provides current YSE students with an interactive opportunity to build relationships with alumni.

    Yale/Cross Campus

    Explore the Yale Community with Cross Campus, Yale’s online networking, community-building, and mentoring program that fosters opportunities for Yalies to connect.

    YSE Alumni Listservs

    Join a listserve maintained by alumni volunteers in specific regions, including the Pacific Northwest, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. , or San Francisco.  Contact the YSE Alumni Office for details. 


    Connect with YSE’s official Linkedin group for current students, graduates, faculty, and staff as well as environmental studies majors from Yale College. (Learn more about setting up and using your LinkedIn account in its help section.)

    Professional Associations

    Associations are great networking opportunities and provide resources to keep members up to date on industry and field-specific trends. You can access their conferences as well as jobs and internships postings. 
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