Preparing for Admission

Yale FES welcomes individuals from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds including the biological and physical sciences, engineering, social sciences, mathematics, humanities, or interdisciplinary programs. A disciplinary focus with some interdisciplinary breadth is valuable. Introductory course work in the biological and physical sciences, the social sciences, and college mathematics allows students to take greater advantage of courses at the graduate level. Students with adequate undergraduate breadth also have better access to graduate course offerings in other professional schools and departments of the University.

Experience has demonstrated the special value of a short list of selected courses that provide a good foundation for all master’s programs in the School. Therefore the Committee on Admissions favors applicants who have successfully completed a combination of the courses listed below before beginning a degree program. For this reason, it is highly recommended that applicants have at least (a) two college courses in mathematics, (b) two college courses in the biological sciences, (c) two college courses in the physical sciences, and (d) two college courses in the social sciences. The specific courses listed under each distribution area are judged to be most suitable for helping students gain the maximum benefit from Yale course offerings.

  1. College mathematics—two courses selected from:
    1. calculus
    2. statistics
    3. linear algebra
    4. discrete mathematics
  2. Biological science—two courses selected from:
    1. introductory evolutionary biology
    2. introductory ecology
    3. botany
    4. zoology
  3. Physical science—two courses selected from:
    1. general chemistry
    2. general physics
    3. geology/earth science
    4. hydrology/soil science
  4. Social science—two courses selected from:
    1. anthropology
    2. political science
    3. sociology
  5. Economics—course(s) selected from:
    1. microeconomics
    2. macroeconomics
    3. environmental economics
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