Health and Wellness

Yale Health

The Student Health Department at Yale Health has a long history of caring for Yale students and their spouses. For more information on how to take care of your medical needs before arriving to campus, book appointments, etc., please go visit the Yale Health website.
Student Wellness at Yale Health allows students to meet with the Student Health Educator to better manage such things as stress and sleep. Yale students are allowed to schedule one-on-one consultations with the Student Health Educator Monday – Friday throughout the academic year.

Yale Mental Health & Counseling

Yale’s Mental Health and Counseling is committed to addressing students’ psychological concerns in an effort to help them achieve their intellectual and personal goals while at Yale. The department offers counseling for areas including, but not limited to academic stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, loss and grief.

Connect to Care (C2C)

We know how important mental health and well-being is and there are numerous resources in the Yale ecosystem currently available. Connect to Care (C2C) is a new tool to help you self-reflect on your current mental well-being, while directing you to available resources and next steps that best fit your needs. Looking for a drop-in meditation session? Talk to a wellness coach? Join a virtual support or therapy group? C2C can help navigate that search.

Title IX, and University Resources for Dealing with Sexual Misconduct

The Yale School of the Environment (YSE) is committed to providing an environment that is rooted in mutual respect and free from sexual misconduct of any kind. Together our community takes responsibility for its institutional culture and strives to create a place where all individuals feel safe and supported. For more information on university policies, definitions and resources, please visit the Title IX at Yale. Questions and concerns can be directed to the YSE Title IX Coordinator, Alyssa Pereira.

Drug & Alcohol Prevention

The Drug-Free School and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 require institutions of higher education to certify that they have adopted and implemented a program to prevent unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs and alcohol by students and employees. Please take a few moments to read through Yale’s Drug and Alcohol Prevention Policy.

The Good Life Center at Yale

Yale Graduate and Professional students are welcome to engage in The Good Life Center at Yale, the official student wellness center of Yale University. Supported by Yale Well, The Good Life Center cultivates wellness by offering space for wellness related meet ups, providing well-being programming, including physical and mental health education, teaching and coaching healthy habits, and much more!

Payne Whitney Gym

Payne Whitney Gym is a 14-story building with 12 acres of indoor space that houses exercise rooms, dance studios, swimming pools, and much, much more! Graduate and Professional students are welcome to sign-up for a membership as well as their spouses. There are a plethora of fitness programs to choose from, from yoga and dance, to spinning and martial arts.

Graduate and Professional Intramurals

The philosophy of the Graduate-Professional Intramural Sports program is to provide activities for recreation, social interaction, and enjoyment,with acommitment to open participation for all students. Sports activities are offered during the four seasons and often include leagues with competitive and recreational divisions. The Evans-Fischer Cup, which symbolizes overall excellence, is awarded annually to the school that accumulates the greatest number of championship points. 

Religious Life

Religious and spiritual life at Yale is vibrant and varied. The Yale University Chaplain’s Office serves all students of any (or no) faith tradition. We offer interfaith dinners for grad students, study breaks, community service opportunities, and individual conversations with a chaplain about any topic (religious or not). To contact the Chaplain’s Office or for a list of religious organizations on campus visit the Chaplain's Office website


A commitment to sustainability drives our work at YSE on all fronts, from the knowledge generated in our research, to the learning taking place in our classrooms, to the decisions we make in operating our facilities.  Our School, situated in a University that is more than 300 years old, offers a plethora of opportunities for evaluating long standing ways of managing things, and considering new, more sustainable pathways for the future. As students at the school preparing to take on prominent environmental leadership roles, we challenge you to actively engage in this exciting work during your time with us at Yale. 

Yale has a vibrant community of faculty, staff and students engaged in sustainability work—both formally and informally—who will welcome your partnership. The Yale Office of Sustainability is the organizing body for campus-wide sustainability activities. The university has had Sustainability Strategic Plans in place since 2010, with the current plan extending through 2025.

YSE strives to provide leadership for sustainability through engagement with a wide range of partners from the local to the international.  We seek to explore new ideas and strategies, and in our YSE Strategic Plan we state that we strive to be a model school at the university, serving as a living laboratory for research, teaching and engagement for sustainability.  YSE Sustainability work is led by the Sustainability Committee which is a collaborative group of paid student research assistants, faculty and staff.  This group works to implement the YSE Sustainability Action Plan through projects in collaboration with the broader university.  If you are interested in engaging with sustainability work at YSE, please reach out to Sara Smiley Smith  to learn more.

Food & Dining

Yale Hospitality offers graduate and professional students a handful of on-campus dining options – Charley’s Place and Evan’s Hall Café, which are both located close by at the Yale School of Management. Coffee at KBT is located in Kline Biology Tower, which is located next to Kroon and Sage Halls.
Yale hospitality has developed a set of lunch meal plans for graduate and professional students, providing flexibility and savings.
New Haven’s food and dining scene is like no other. Not only is New Haven responsible for patenting ‘Apizza,’ it is the birthplace of the hamburger.
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