Doctoral Dissertation Titles

A list of in-progress and recently completed dissertation titles demonstrates the breadth of the research conducted by doctoral candidates at YSE.

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    Dissertation Title  Student Name Committee Chair
    Essays in Natural Resource Economics Ethan  Addicott  Eli Fenichel
    Cold Adaptation and Freeze Tolerance in a Changing Climate Yara Alshwairikh David Skelly
    Evolutionary dynamics of rapid, microgeographic adaptation in a vernal pool amphibian metapopulation Andis Arietta David Skelly
    Migratory Mammals and Biogocemical Cycles: The Impact of Caribou on Nutrient Cycles Kristy Ferraro Os Schmitz, Mark Bradford
    Ecosystem Structure and Function in Drylands: An Evaluation of Aboveground and Belowground Processes and their Limitations by Water and Nitrogen in Western North America Christopher Beltz Indy Burke
    Food, Fabulation, and Futurity:  Expert Knowledge and the Global Food System Samara Brock Justin Farrell, Lisa Messeri
    The Influence of Human Activities and Land Use on Apex Predator Species in the Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem Mary Burak Os Schmitz
    Ecologies of Belonging: The Cultural Politics of Nature and Nation in North America’s Great Basin Paul Burow Justin Farrell, K. Sivaramakrishnan
    The Biophysical Impacts of Aerosols on Surface Climate Tirthankar Chakraborty Xuhui Lee
    Disparity of temperature-mortality relationship among socio-economic and environmental factors Hayon Michelle Choi Michelle Bell
    Plant vascular system (xylem and phloem) structure and function under stresses: Vascular-limited bacterial infections and drought Ana Fanton Borges Craig Brodersen
    Living with Snow Leopards: The Quest for Human-Wildlife Coexistence on the Tibetan Plateau Yufang Gao Michael Dove, K. Sivaramakrishnan
    Information as Invisible Infrastructure: Data, Institutions, and the Environment in Developing Countries Matthew Gordon Marian Chertow
    Energy Ideas and the Politics of Development in Equador Christopher Hebdon Douglas Rogers, Michael Dove
    Indian Urban Residential Buildings: Energy Demand, Emissions and Future Aishwarya Iyer Narasimha Rao
    Does soil organic carbon support climate resilient agricultural systems? Searching for evidence and developing new measurement tools Dan Kane Mark Bradford
    The Changing Waterscape of India’s Thirsty Capital City Lav Kanoi Michael Dove, K. Sivaramakrishnan
    Reclaiming Land: The Creation of Land in Singapore Vanessa Koh Michael Dove
    Beyond the Curve: Stories of Science, Population, and Reproduction in the Climate Crisis Manon Lefevre Michael Dove, Louisa Lombard
    Dissolved Organic Matter Dynamics in a Large Temperate River Laura Logozzo Peter Raymond
    Wildfires, Housing Access, and Human Mobility Kathryn McConnell Justin Farrell
    The Biogeochemical Legacy of the Landscape of Fear: Pumas, Vicuñas, Condors, and Nutrient Cycling in the High Andes Julia Monk Os Schmitz
    Social-ecological landscape: Incorporating human behaviour and attitudes towards wildlife into landscape modelling between the Makgadikgadi National Park and Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana Kaggie Orrick Os Schmitz
    Linking Fern Ecophysiology, From a Species to a Phylogeny: Vasuclar Structure, Function, Integration, and Stomatal Behavior Kyra Prats Craig Brodersen
    Advancing methods of contaminant-source attribution in regions of rapid unconventional oil and gas development: Investigation into shallow groundwater quality in the northern Appalachian Basin Helen Siegel James Saiers
    Biodiversity and human health in an urban era Rohan Simkin Karen Seto
    The evolutionary ecology of ecosystem function through the stoichiometric phenotype Nathalie Sommer Os Schmitz
    Facets of vulnerability, risk, and uncertainty in the subsurface environment: Investigating the impacts of unconventional oil and gas development on groundwater resources Mario Soriano James Saiers
    Impacts of selective logging on abiotic and biotic factors that determine seedling regeneration and recruitment in a Congo Basin tropical forest Megan Sullivan Liza Comita
    The Diversity and Distribution of Herbaceous Plants along a Rainfall Gradient in  the Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests of the Western Ghats, India Harikrishnan Venugopalan Nair Radhamoni Liza Comita
    Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of the Relationships between Disturbance, Plant Invasions, and Soil Nutrient Availability in Managed Hardwood Forests Elisabeth Ward Mark Bradford
    The Effects of Urbanization on Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) Quantity, Quality, and Nitrogen Concentrations Post-Storm Events in the Connecticut River Watershed Lisa Weber Peter Raymond
    Successional trajectories of Dipterocarp forest fragments in the human-dominated landscapes of southern Sri Lanka David Woodbury Mark Ashton, Kate Armstrong (NYBG)
    The Impact of Urbanization and Local Climate on Wet-Bulb Temperatures and Urban Heat Islands Keer Zhang Xuhui Lee
    The new concessionary regimes of Gabon, Central Africa Wen Zhou Michael Dove, Luisa Lombard

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