Combined Doctoral Degree with Anthropology

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    Program Overview

    History and Purpose

    The combined School of Environment (YSE)/Anthropology Ph.D. Program was first created by former Yale Provost Alison Richard to meet the needs of doctoral students in biological anthropology who wanted to draw more fully on the resources of both the Anthropology Department and YSE.   Initial interest in the combined degree has mainly come from students working in the allied fields of ecological anthropology, social ecology, and political ecology.  We envisage this program, however, as open to all sub-disciplines in Anthropology – including biological anthropology and archaeological studies – and students across environmental fields who wish to combine their studies with Anthropology. The purpose and attraction of the degree is three-fold: (1) it combines the disciplinary identity and strengths of the Anthropology Department with the inter-disciplinary character and possibilities of YSE, especially in terms of bridging the social and natural sciences; (2) it combines the strengths in ecological and environmental studies of YSE with the social science strengths of the Anthropology Department; and (3) it combines the Anthropology Department’s strengths in theory with the emphasis within YSE on linking theory with policy and practice.  The combined doctoral degree offers its graduates great flexibility when entering the marketplace: they can represent themselves as anthropologists and/or environmental scientists, as theoreticians and/or practitioners.  They have the credentials to apply for policy-oriented positions with international institutions as well as academic positions in teaching and research.  The academic program of each student in the combined degree program is to some extent tailored specifically to his or her particular history, interests, and needs, but there are general guidelines that combined students can be expected to follow, and they are laid out here.

    Eligibility and Master’s Degrees

    In general, eligibility for entry into the combined degree program will be the same as for entering either the YSE or the Anthropology doctoral program (which is detailed in their respective bulletins).  Prior award of a Master’s degree is generally preferred for entry into the YSE doctoral program but not the Anthropology doctoral program.  Therefore, the desirability of a prior master’s degree will be weighed on a case-by-case basis among applicants.  Combined degree students will receive (upon petition) an M. Phil. degree from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) after passing their comprehensive exams.