One-Year Midcareer MEM or MF

Important Update

The Yale School of the Environment is not accepting applications into the One-Year Mid-Career Masters program for a Fall 2021 start.

The next term of entry for this program will be Fall 2022.
The midcareer Master of Environmental Management (MEM) or Master of Forestry (MF) degree program allows practicing environmental and forest managers to build on their work experience in order to learn additional skills that will permit them to pursue their career goals more effectively. The program provides professionals with the opportunity to update their knowledge base with the most current developments in the fast-changing environmental field. Those admitted to the program must have at least seven years of directly relevant professional experience in the environmental or forestry field that is sufficient to provide a corpus of experiential learning equivalent to one year of academic study at the School.

So that the admissions committee may fairly judge each applicant's work record in light of this requirement, the applicant must explain how his/her work experience has provided a strong foundation in environmental or forestry science, management or policy. A supplemental form is required by one-year applicants for this purpose and is included with the application form. Relevant work experience is not the sole criterion for admission into this program; the breadth of prior academic training is also considered, and those applicants who are better prepared are more likely to succeed in this competitive admission process. Unless otherwise requested, all applicants will be considered automatically for admission into the two-year program should they not be offered admission to the one-year program.

The one-year midcareer degree program is not an option for persons seeking to make an abrupt change in the direction of their careers. Nor is it suitable for those who have acquired seven or more years of work experience that is tangentially related to environmental or forest management. Normally, voluntary services and undergraduate educational coursework will not be considered equivalent to the career experience needed for acceptance into this degree program.

The curricula for the one-year midcareer Master of Environmental Management and Master of Forestry degree programs are less structured than is the curricula for the two-year programs. Attendance at the Summer Training Modules (MODS) is expected, enrollment in the fall "Perspectives" course for all first-year MEM students, and the successful completion of 24 total credits of course work and independent study is required. One academic year in residence is normally expected, as is initial enrollment at the start of the fall term.

The financial aid application for one-year applicants is the same as for two-year applicants. Please visit the YSE Financial Aid website.

Faculty coordinator: Timothy G. Gregoire.