Joint Degree Master’s Programs

For students seeking professional certification in two related fields, the School encourages the consideration of our joint Master’s Degree programs.

Yale University contains ten professional schools facilitating the possibility of combining professional degrees from two Schools within Yale. Joint degree programs are available with the School of Architecture (Master of Architecture), School of Divinity (Master of Arts and Religion), Graduate School (Master of Global Affairs and Master of International and Development Economics), School of Law (Juris Doctor), School of Management (Master of Business Administration), and School of Public Health (Master of Public Health).

For students interested in a joint environment/law degree, the School has joint-degree programs with Pace University School of Law and Vermont Law School, in addition to the existing joint degree program with Yale Law School.

In general, the terms of residence required for students admitted to a joint degree program are reduced by two semesters — one from each school. Thus, when combining two degree programs, each normally requiring four semesters of residence, the student may complete both degrees in three years — three semesters at F&ES and three semesters at the sister school. Students should not do the three semesters at either of the schools consecutively.

For students pursuing a joint degree with three-year programs at Architecture and Law, students may complete both degrees in four years (three semesters at F&ES and five semesters at the sister school). Again, students should not do the three semesters at F&ES consecutively.

For the International and Development Economics joint degree program students spend three semesters at F&ES and two semesters at IDE.

For any joint degree program, students must meet normal admission criteria and curriculum requirements in both schools. The academic program, tuition credit and financial aid requirements of the students in a joint degree program will be divided between the Yale or outside units. In all cases, the student must complete three full terms of residence equaling 36 credits, with eight full courses (24 credits) selected within fes and three full terms of tuition must be paid to the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. All core requirements must also be fulfilled.

To allow for a thorough integration of the two programs, students enrolled in the three year joint degree programs with Architecture, Divinity, International Relations, Management, and Public Health should spend the first academic year (two semesters) at one school followed by the second academic year at the other school. During the final year of study, students will be enrolled in each school for one semester.

Students enrolled in the four year joint degree programs with Architecture and Law normally spend the first year and often the second year at the sister school before coming to F&ES for their third year. During the fourth year students enroll for one semester at each school.

For those enrolled in the Graduate School’s one year International Development Economics program, please contact the F&ES Registrar.

Joint Degree Program Policies

All joint degree students should contact the F&ES Registrar for specific detailed planning of their programs.

For questions about these and other joint-degree programs, please consult the F&ES Registrar or the Admissions Director.

  1. Any student who wishes to apply for a Joint Degree should do so only after consultation with his/her advisor.
  2. The Registrar must be notified immediately in writing of the intention to apply.
  3. The outcome of the application should be reported to the Advisor and the Registrar in writing
  4. Anyone who drops out of a Joint Degree program should do so only after consulting with the advisor and should then inform the Registrar of each school in writing.
  5. All Joint Degree students must file the appropriate F&ES program of study and registration forms each semester.

Contacts for Joint Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration

SOM: Director of Student & Academic Studies, Sherilyn Scully
135 Prospect Street, 432-6012

F&ES: Bradford Gentry
195 Prospect Street, 432-9374

Master of Public Health

EPH: Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Anne Pistell
47 College Street, 785-6260

F&ES: Professor Michelle Bell
195 Prospect Street, 432-9869

Juris Doctor

Law: Associate Dean, Natalia Martín
201 SLB, 432-7646

F&ES: Bradford Gentry
301 Prospect Street, 432-9374

Master of International Development Economics

Economics: Professor Robert Evenson
27 Hillhouse Avenue, 432-3626

F&ES: Professor Robert Mendelsohn
195 Prospect Street, 432-5128

Master of Global Affairs

International and Area Studies: Director of Graduate Studies, Cheryl Doss
34 Hillhouse Avenue, Luce Hall, 432-9395

F&ES: Professor Michael Dove
195 Prospec Street, 432-3463

Master of Art and Religion

Divinity: Associate Academic Dean, Emilie Townes
409 Prospect Street, 432-5308

F&ES: Professor James Saiers
195 Prospect Street, 432-5121

Master of Architecture

Architecture: Professor James Axley
32 Edgewood Avenue, 432-2283

F&ES: Professor Alex Felson
195 Prospect Street, 436-5120