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A growing number of abandoned and derelict open spaces in urban neighborhoods threatens the quality of life in our cities. Though these spaces are often small patches of land—each less than one acre—taken together they can total hundreds of acres. This creates sinkholes where environmental, economic, and community potential are wasted.

The Community Greenspace program provides material supplies, technical advice, and classroom-based and hands-on training to support the reclamation and maintenance of abandoned land in New Haven's distressed urban neighborhoods. Since 1995, Greenspace has completed more than 221 diverse urban restoration projects with an annual participation of more than 1000 New Haven residents.

After Greenspace restoration projects, residents report heightened membership in civic and voluntary organizations, rejuvenated feelings of neighborhood ownership, and lasting visible improvements in their daily environment. One participant noted that "the project brought neighbors into contact with each other who don't normally interact. It brought about a cohesiveness that did not previously exist."

We invite you to apply for a Community Greenspace grant to support efforts to revitalize your community.

Essential Information

  • Grant support is offered to neighborhood organizations. Individuals are not eligible for support.
  • Parks, abandoned lots, public and private housing associations, neglected front yards and curb strips are some of the spaces residents regularly choose to plant and maintain.
  • The Greenspace program can provide plant material, gardening supplies, and the assistance of a community forester. Training workshops and landscape architects are also available.
  • All groups applying for a Community Greenspace project must attend an application workshop.

For more information on Community Greenspace, you can call URI at 203-432-6189 or email our Greenspace Manager, Chris Ozyck .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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