Street Tree Inventory Map

The map below offers a comprehensive and interactive inventory of all New Haven street trees. GreenSkills interns from local high schools are continuously updating the inventory with support from the U.S. Forest Service and the Robbins DeBeaumont Foundation.

How to use this map (Note:  This map works best in Internet Explorer, and may not work in other browsers.)

1) Type into the address bar or scroll to an area you're interested in exploring. Use the zoom tool in the lower right to zoom into and out of the map.
2) For a basic analysis of local street trees, check the "base trees" box in the right toolbar.
3) If you would like to learn about a single tree, click it. The species name will appear in the collapsible information bar on the left. If you would like to learn about a group of trees, hold "shift" and use the mouse to select an area. When you have finished selecting the area, release "shift" and click on the red rectangle. Again, basic species names will appear in the information bar at left.
4) Within the information bar at left, first click on the species name; an address will appear below the name of the tree - clicking on the address will open the inventory data providing details about the inspection date, and "dbh" (measurement in inches of the trees Diameter at Breast Height). 
5) For more detailed information about a particular tree species, click on the name. Click on the "info" link for more information through Wikipedia.

You can also request a tree planting with this map by entering the address in the toolbar and clicking "Request Planting"  Detailed help for the full functionality is available through a link in the righthand toolbar.
You may also view this map in a standalone page if you prefer. 
Note:  This map works best in Internet Explorer, and may not work in other browsers.