Your gift will help URI to transform places and people through greening the Elm City.

To donate electronically, click the donate button below.  To donate via check, write to "New Haven Urban Resources Initiative", 195 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511.
Your contribution will support URI's Greenspace and GreenSkills programs. For over 20 years, Community Greenspace has enabled local volunteer groups to revitalize their local streetscape, vacant lot, and/or adjacent park.  Through this program, we partner with over 50 grassroots groups and over 1000 volunteers to support community-based greening. In 2007, URI launched the GreenSkills program to hire interns from local high schools and adults in the EMERGE program who are re-entering the New Haven community from prison to plant free street trees for New Haven residents who request them. 

Thank you for your support!