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Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Modeling

Yiqi Zheng

Yiqi Zheng


Yale University – graduate student in Department of Geology and Geophysics (starting 08/2012).
Advisor: Nadine Unger
Advisory Committee: Ron Smith; Trude Storelvmo; Xuhui Lee
Peking University – B.S. in Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, School of Physics (09/2008–07/2012).
Advisor: Tzung-May Fu
Thesis: Summertime Surface Ozone Sensitivity to Meteorological Variables in Southeastern U.S.

Research statement

My general research interest is in global and regional atmospheric chemistry-ecosystem-climate interactions. I use both earth system model simulation and satellite remote sensing analysis to examine the coupling of aerosols and gas-phase chemistry, the aerosol effect on climate change, and the climate sensitivity of biosphere. I’m specifically interested in secondary organic aerosol that currently has been poorly simulated in climate models. My future work may include examination of the changing role of aerosols in regional and global climate change, as well as the simulation of organic aerosols that involves implementation of aqueous-phase biogenic organic aerosol production, implementation of anthropogenic aerosol emissions, coupling to gas-phase chemistry and radiation scheme.
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