Courses Relevant to Tropical Studies at Yale

Yale offers an array of courses for students interested in tropical studies.  A selection of these courses is listed below and is intended to help students navigate the tropical course offerings both within F&ES and at various departments at Yale. Courses listed with an asterisk will not be offered in the 2012-13 academic year; name of the instructor(s) are listed in parentheses. Detailed information including a full list of of F&ES courses and descriptions can be found on the F&ES courses webpage.

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F&ES Graduate Level Courses

Social and Political Ecology

  • F&ES 520a:    Society and Environment: Introduction to Theory and Method   (Dove)
  • F&ES 827b:    Contemporary Environmental Challenges in Africa*   (Bailis)
  • F&ES 836a:    Agrarian Societies: Culture, Society, History, and Development (Scott, Perdue, Sivaramakrishnan)
  • F&ES 839a:    Social Science of Devlopment and Conservation   (Carpenter)
  • F&ES 869b:    Disaster, Degradation, Dystopia: Social Science Approaches to Environmental Perturbation and Change*   (Dove)
  • F&ES 876a:    Indigenous Religions and Ecology*   (Grim)
  • F&ES 877a:    Anthropology of the Global Economy for Development and Conservation   (Carpenter)
  • F&ES 882b:    The Black Box of Implementation: Households, Communities, Gender*  (Carpenter)
  • F&ES 952b:    Property Rights and Natural Resource Management   (Doolittle)
  • F&ES 965b:    Advanced Readings: Social Science of Development and Conservation*  (Carpenter)

Tropical Ecology and Forestry

  • F&ES 653b:   Agroforestry Systems: Productivity, Environmental Services, and Rural Development*  (Montagnini)
  • F&ES 659b:   Principles in Applied Ecology: The Practice of Silviculture   (Ashton)
  • F&ES 700b:   Alpine, Arctic, and Boreal Ecosystems Seminar   (Berlyn)
  • F&ES 729b:   Caribbean Coastal Development: Cesium and CZM  (Benoit)
  • F&ES 731b:   Tropical Field Botany  (Kelly/Michelangeli)
  • F&ES 732a:   Tropical Forest Ecology: The Basis for Conservation and Management (Montagnini)
  • F&ES 741b:   Introduction to Indigenous Silviculture  (Peters)
  • F&ES 969b:   Rapid Assessments in Forest Conservation*   (Ashton)

Climate Change and Environmental Economics

  • F&ES 845a:    Energy Issues in Developing Countries*  (Bailis)
  • F&ES 848a:    Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation*  (Bailis)
  • F&ES 951b:    Managing the Global Carbon Cycle*  (Raymond, Bailis)
  • F&ES 963b:    Payments for Ecosystem Services*  (Gentry, Ashton)

International Environmental Policy and Governance

  • F&ES 808b:    International and Comparative Forest Policy and Governance*  (Cashore)
  • F&ES 829b:    International Environmental Policy and Governance   (Cashore)
  • F&ES 850a:    International Organizations and Conferences  (Geballe)
  • F&ES 851a:    Environmental Diplomacy Practicum  (Lee)
  • F&ES 854b:    Institutions and the Environment*  (Cashore)

Sustainable Development and Urban Issues

  • F&ES 855a:    Climate Change Mitigation in Urban Areas  (Seto)
  • F&ES 863a:    Sustainability in Latin America: Issues and Topics   (Brewer)
  • F&ES 899b:    Sustainable Development in Post-Disaster Context: Haiti (Geballe)


Other Yale Courses Relevant to Tropical Studies


For detailed information, search Anthropology course offerings on the Yale Course Information page.

  • ANTH 571b:   Modern Indonesia  (Errington)
  • ANTH 577a:   Anthropology of the Contemporary: NGOs, States, and International Bodies  (Clarke)
  • ANTH 578b:   Postwar Vietnam   (Harms)
  • ANTH 720b:   Mesopotamian Origins (Weiss)
  • ANTH 942b:   Research Seminar in South Asia Anthropology (Sivaramakrishnan)

Environmental Studies

For detailed information, search Environmental Studies course offerings on the Yale Course Information page.
Note: EVST courses are undergraduate level

  • EVST 285b:   Political Ecology: Nature, Culture, and Power  (Doolittle)
  • EVST 345a:   Environmental Anthropology  (Carpenter) 
  • EVST 415b:   Biotechnology and the Developing World  (Blum)
  • EVST 422a:   Anthroplogy of Climate Change  (Dove)


For detailed information, search History course offerings on the Yale Course Information page.

  • HIST 810a:   Introduction to Brazilian History   (Schwartz)
  • HIST 820b:   Problems in Modern Mexican History (Joseph)
  • HIST 843a:   Apartheid and Its Afterlives  (Magaziner)
  • HIST 846a:   Africa After Colonialism  (Magaziner)
  • HIST 849a:   Environmental History of Africa (Harms)
  • HIST 902a:   Impact of Epidemic Disease in Context: Focus on Asia  (Summers)

International Relations

For detailed information, search International Relations course offerings on the Yale Course Information page.

  • INRL 624b:   Global Health: Ethnographic Perspectives   (Inhorn)
  • INRL 713b:   Critical Issues in Developing Countries  (Britto)

Law School

For detailed information, see the complete Law School course offerings with descriptions.

  • LAW 20107b:   NGOs, Humanitarianism, and U.S. Foreign Policy  (Brilmeyer/Carr)
  • LAW 20202a:   Property, Social Justice, and the Environment  (Rose)

School of Management

For detailed information, see the SOM course offerings with descriptions and the SOM Curriculum.

  • MGT 529a:   Global Social Entrepreneurship  (Sheldon)
  • MGT 865b:   Global Social Enterprise  (Sheldon)
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