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Returning Fellows Gathering and Information Session

Thursday 2nd of October 2014  |  6.30pm in 301 Prospect St.

The Tropical Resources Institute invites all returned Fellows to gather and share their summer research experience! Hear from the new director and learn how to publish in the TRI Bulletin.

Dinner and drinks will be served.

New students and all interested in tropical resources welcome to join!


TRI welcomes Simon A. Queenborough as new Musser Director

This summer, Simon Queenborough took over leadership as Musser Director of the Tropical Resources Institute (TRI), where he will manage one of the School’s most far-reaching and accomplished programs, and mentor the master’s and doctoral students in the Institute’s successful Fellowship program. He will also serve as a lecturer and research scientist at F&ES.
Queenborough, who comes to F&ES from Ohio State University, has studied the ecology of plants in tropical systems, especially the biodiverse forests of the Amazonian Ecuador. He also has extensive field experience working with native peoples, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration with sociologists, economics, physicists, and farmers.
In an interview with F&ES, he describes what drew him into the field of tropical forestry, the greatest challenges facing the planet’s tropical areas, and how TRI can make a difference.

TRI 2014 Spring Symposium

TRI hosted a Spring Symposium on April 25, 2014 from 10 am - 5 pm in Marsh Rotunda, featuring the interdisciplinary work of eighteen of our 2013 fellows conducted in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. A complete schedule of the day can be found here.


TRI 2014 Call for Proposals

TRI is accepting applications for the 2014 season, for both TRI Endowment Fellowships and the Sri Lanka Forest Conservation Fund at Yale. Fellowship applications are due by Friday, February 21, 2014 at 5:00 pm EST. Applications must be submitted through the Yale Student Grants Database. Please see our 2014 Call for Proposals here for a PDF with detailed information including guidelines, eligibility, and contact information if you have further questions.


TRI Fellowship Information Session Announcement

Interested in conducting research in tropical areas? Come to the Tropical Resources Institute's grant information session.

Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 12:00 pm in Marsh Rotunda.
Coffee and snacks will be served.  

Additional information:
TRI Endowment Fellowships support F&ES master's and doctoral students conducting research on environmental issues in the tropics ( TRI supports both natural and social science research projects. Details of the 2014 application process will be discussed at the meeting. Please plan on attending this session if you intend to apply for funding from TRI. TRI awards are restricted to F&ES students and students in joint programs with F&ES. Contact the Program Manager, Dana Graef, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), with further questions.

Publication Features TRI-Funded Student Research

Date posted: December 21, 2012

TRI is proud to announce the publication of the 31st volume of Tropical Resources, an annual journal of student research funded by The Tropical Resources Institute (TRI). Click here to download the latest volume.

Nine F&ES Masters students engaged in research on the conservation and management of tropical resources have published their results in this year’s volume.

“These articles in this volume of Tropical Resources represent a mere taste of the student research on the tropics supported by the TRI, but that taste encapsulates our mission. We hope that these papers hint at the fundamentally multi-disciplinary and global reach of the outstanding students that TRI supports,” said Carol Carpenter, Director of the Tropical Resources Institute.

This year’s volume is organized into three main themes: ‘Identity, Perception and Belief’, ‘Energy, Carbon, and Ecosystem Services at the Local Scale’, and ‘The Technical and Social Challenges of Reforestation’. The students, whose research was funded by TRI, are: Rachel Kramer, Alaine Ball, Daniela Marini, Jing Ma, Paulo Barreiro Sanjines, Carla Chízmar, Tina Schneider, and Erica Pohnan.

“These gifted students are in many ways showing us where the field is headed, and conducting research that fluidly crosses disciplinary boundaries,” said Lisa Bassani, Program Manager for the Tropical Resources Institute.

The research featured in this volume includes:

-  Rachel Kramer and her collaborators’ examination of the role traditional social taboos play in local resource management in four communities  bordering Madagascar’s Marojejy Massif National Park.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

-  Alaine A. Ball’s research on the effect of tenuous protected area boundaries on traditional identities of swidden agriculturalists in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest             - Daniela Marini’s investigation of fire governance and the political character of fire management strategies in the Andean-Patagonian region of Argentina.

-  Shareen D’Souza’s examination of common mischaracterizations likening the rural poor in the Global South to environmental despoilers in the context of the Kenya Agricultural Carbon  Project. 

-  Jing Ma’s analysis of the economic, environmental and societal efficacy of Small Hydro Power projects in rural northwestern China, and the implications for China’s future energy consumption.

-  Paulo Barreiro Sanjines’ appraisal of the environmental and socio-economic adequacy of  a proposed Payment for Ecosystem Services program in coffee agroforestry systems in Costa Rica.

-  Carla Chízmar’s research of leaf-level physiology and morphology of native tree species in Brazil’s Atlantic forest that could be used in potential secondary forest restoration efforts in the region.

-  Tina Schneider and Erica Pohnan’s assessment of the ecological and socio-economic effects of the Rainforestation Program, a smallholder-based native species reforestation effort in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

For more information on the Tropical Resources Institute or our Fellows, visit or contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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