Training and Resources for Students

TRI works closely with F&ES students interested in conducting tropical research, advising students on research design, proposal development and field methods, as well as facilitating collaborations with institutions working in the tropics. TRI coordinates events and provides individual consultations and other resources aimed at strengthening student research and professional initiatives. This includes:

  • Workshops and training on proposal application process and writing
  • Guidance on research methods
  • Guidance on creating and publishing articles
  • One-on-one advice
  • Networks to regional expertise, institutions and on-the-ground contacts
  • Links to field opportunities and organizations

Below are some references that may be helpful for students undertaking fieldwork. Additional references will be added in the future. Note: You must be logged into the Yale Library system (or a similar system) to access these documents.

“Constraints and opportunities for better silvicultural practice in tropical forestry: an interdisciplinary approach” by Bradley B. Walters et al. – in Forest Ecology and Management 209 (2005) 3 -18

“Coping with Payola: Field Ventures from Mindanao” by Timothy Austin – in Human Organization, Vol 67, No 2 (2008)

"Rural Poverty Unperceived: Problems and Remedies" by Robert Chambers – in World Development, Vol 9, Issue 1 (1981), 1 - 19

"Up the Anthropologist—Perspectives Gained From Studying Up" by Laura Nader – in Hymes, Dell (ed.). Reinventing Anthropology. University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1999.

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