TRI Endowment Fellowship

The Tropical Resources Institute currently administers the TRI Endowment Fellowship, which supports Masters and Doctoral level research in the tropics each year.

The Fellowship

  • 20-30 Fellowships
  • $3,000 - $5,000
  • recommend in-country partner or collaborator


  • F&ES and joint programs
  • natural and social science
  • independent research
  • tropical, less-developed countries

TRI's Endowed Fellowship Program is designed to support Master's and Doctoral level research in tropical countries. Each year TRI provides funding and logistical support for 20-30 students at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Over the past thirty years TRI has supported over 600 student research projects in more than 60 different countries. Following the mission of F&ES, these projects are interdisciplinary in nature and cover a wide range of issues that surround the study, management, and conservation of tropical resources. TRI awards are restricted to F&ES students and students in joint programs with F&ES (e.g., the joint IR Master’s degree, the joint Anthropology Doctoral degree). TRI supports both natural and social science research projects.

TRI works closely with F&ES students interested in tropical research, advising students on research design, proposal development, and field methods, as well as facilitating in-country collaborations in some cases. The proposal development and advising that we offer students has helped them craft highly successful proposals and find matching funds from other donors on campus, such as the MacMillan Center, Coca-Cola World Fund at Yale, South Asian Studies Council, Southeast Asian Studies Council, Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies, among many others. TRI requires applicants to apply to additional funding sources, both on and off campus; a detailed list of these funders can be found here.

Funding from the TRI Endowment Fellowship may only be used to cover expenses associated with summer research projects and is not available to cover any preliminary expenses - including mid-year travel to field sites - incurred by students in the development of their individual projects. Nor are TRI funds available for travel during the academic year to meetings, etc.

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