Jin Yin, MFS

2013 TRI Fellow in China

Forest Policy and its Effects on Land Use in Leishan County, China.

My research focuses on forest policy, land use dynamics and related traditional knowledge of the Miao ethnic group in China. The aim of the research is to quantitatively and qualitatively elucidate how Chinese forest policies affect land use and Miao traditional forest management systems in Leishan County, Southwest China. Leishan County comprises 64.4% forest area with 93% of the population defined as rural, the majority of which are ethnic peoples. Methods that are used in my research include semi-structured interviews, participatory observation and transects to collect qualitative description data of forest stands, and satellite imagery analysis. I hope the conclusion and suggestions resulting from my research will contribute to conservation of biodiversity, preservation of ethnic traditional knowledge related to forest management, and reduction of poverty problems resulting from the negative effects of Chinese forest policy.