Vivienne Caballero, MEM

2013 TRI Fellow in Haiti

Water Governance Frameworks in a Post-Disaster Context in Haiti

One of the highest priorities in Haiti’s development agenda is the achievement of efficient water management. However, despite government efforts and the presence of a multiplicity of NGOs, multilateral and bilateral international agencies, the goal of establishing sustainable water supply and sanitation systems remains elusive. Currently about 51% of the rural population has access to an improved water source and only about 25% has access to improved sanitation. The primary focus of this research is on understanding the articulation of local water governance frameworks vis-à-vis the influx of development aid in the Artibonite Valley. It explores what mechanisms there may be for strengthening institutional capacity and increasing coordination among stakeholders. This research examines, through comparative analysis, how the post-disaster context is unfolding in terms of opportunities to re-think sustainable development strategies in the water sector.