The Mission of the Tropical Resources Institute is to provide a forum to support and connect the initiatives of the Yale community in developing applied research, partnerships, and programs in the tropics.  We support projects that aim to develop practical solutions to issues relating to conservation and management of tropical resources.


The Tropical Resources Institute recognizes that the problems surrounding the management of tropical resources are rapidly increasing in complexity, while demands on those resources are expanding exponentially.  Emerging structures of global environmental governance and local conflicts over land use and environmental conservation require new strategies and leaders able to function across diversity of disciplines and sectors, and at local and global scales.  TRI aims to build linkages across the natural and social sciences and also aims to straddle theory and practice.  TRI seeks to train students to be leaders in this new era, leveraging resources, knowledge, and expertise among governments, scientists, NGOs, and communities to provide the information and tools this new generation will require to equitably address the challenges ahead.


TRI's endowed fellowship fund supports 20-30 F&ES master and doctoral students annually in their research in and on tropical areas.

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