Hydraulic Fracturing

During the 2012-2013 academic year Yale University will host many activities and discussions centering on hydraulic fracturing. 

Video of the Panel Discussion

Stories from Yale Environment 360

Forum: Just How Safe <br /> Is ‘Fracking’ of Natural Gas?


Forum: Just How Safe 
Is ‘Fracking’ of Natural Gas?

New technologies for freeing natural gas from underground shale formations have led to a hydraulic fracturing boom across the U.S. that is now spreading to other countries. In a Yale Environment 360 forum, eight experts discuss whether “fracking” can be done without serious harm to water and air quality and what environmental safeguards may be needed.

A High-Risk Energy Boom<br /> Sweeps Across North America


A High-Risk Energy Boom
Sweeps Across North America

by keith schneider
Energy companies are rushing to develop unconventional sources of oil and gas trapped in carbon-rich shales and sands throughout the western United States and Canada. So far, government officials have shown little concern for the environmental consequences of this new fossil-fuel development boom.


A Controversial Drilling Practice<br /> Hits Roadblock in New York


A Controversial Drilling Practice
Hits Roadblock in New York

by bruce stutz
Hydro fracturing is a profitable method of natural gas extraction that uses large quantities of water and chemicals to free gas from underground rock formations. But New York City’s concerns that the practice would threaten its water supply have slowed a juggernaut that has been sweeping across parts of the northeastern United States.

A New Pickens Plan: Good for<br /> The U.S. or Just for T. Boone?


A New Pickens Plan: Good for
The U.S. or Just for T. Boone?

by fen montaigne
Three years after unveiling his plan for U.S. energy independence, which won praise from environmentalists for its reliance on wind power, Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens is back with a proposal to convert the U.S. trucking fleet to natural gas. But as his new plan gains traction, questions arise over how green it really is.

‘Fracking’ Comes to Europe,<br /> Sparking Rising Controversy


‘Fracking’ Comes to Europe,
Sparking Rising Controversy

by ben schiller
As concerns grow in the U.S. about the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” to extract natural gas from shale, companies have set their sights on Europe and its abundant reserves of this “unconventional” gas. But from Britain to Poland, critics warn of the potentially high environmental cost of this looming energy boom.

In Arid South African Lands,<br /> Fracking Controversy Emerges


In Arid South African Lands,
Fracking Controversy Emerges

by todd pitock
The contentious practice of hydrofracking to extract underground natural gas has now made its way to South Africa’s Karoo, a semi-desert known for its stark beauty and indigenous plants. But opposition is growing amid concern that fracking will deplete and pollute the area’s scarce water supplies.


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