Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

Student Life Committee:

Ann Robertson, MEM 2017
Brittany Carmon, MEM 2016
Madeleine Faucher, MEM 2016
Lun Ou, MESc 2017
Ethan Addicott, MESc 2017
Sachi Singh, MEM 2017

Academic Affairs Committee:

Sarah Sax, MESc 2017
Menaal Fatima Ebrahim, MEM 2016
Michael Cox, MESc 2017
Ariana Spawn, MEM 2016
Stephanie Weber, PhD, Entered 2015
Kelly Aho, PhD, Entered 2015

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) facilitates the important communications link between the student body and F&ES administration and faculty. SAC allocates funds to the Student Interest Groups (SIGs), individuals, groups that benefit the F&ES community through intellectual, scientific, cultural, and social enhancement activities. SAC is composed of first- and second-year Masters students and doctoral students who are elected by the student body.


SIG Leader Event Report

Graduate and Professional Student Senate (FES Representatives)

Caroline Muraida, MESc 2016
Kevin Terry Lee, MEM 2017
David McCarthy, MEM 2016

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