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David K. Skelly
Yale University
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
370 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511 USA

Yale FES



Skelly Lab Alums    




Samantha Attwood Undergraduate Program Assistant, The Nature Conservancy
Colin Apse Masters Student The Nature Conservancy
Hannah Bement Masters Student Ph.D. Student, Mississippi State University
Eric Biber Masters Student Assistant Professor of Law, UC Berkeley
Susan Bolden Lab Manager, 2001-11 Associate Director of Research, Yale FES
Katie Boronow Undergraduate Ph.D. Student, Harvard University
Steven P. Brady Doctoral Student Postdoctoral Researcher, NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Denise Burchsted Masters Student Ph.D. Student, University of Connecticut
Miel Corbett   Masters Student US Fish & Wildlife Service
Nancy Cothran Masters Student USDA Forest Service
Livia DeMarchis Field Assistant Law Student, Yale Law School
Heinrich zu Dohna Doctoral Student Assistant Professor, American University of Beirut
Maria Fandino Masters Student Coordinator, Humboldt Inst. of Biol. Resources Research
Jane Foster Masters Student Research Assistant, University of Maryland
Nicole Freidenfelds Research Assistant Lab Manager, University of Connecticut
Jennifer Garrison  Masters Student Teacher
Geoffrey Giller Masters Student Scientific American
Jennifer Golon Research Assistant Masters Student, University of Oklahoma
Elise Granek Masters Student Lecturer, Lewis & Clark College
Shelley Green Masters Student The Nature Conservancy
M. Anders Halverson Doctoral Student NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Colorado
Manja P. Holland Doctoral Student Research Programs Officer, Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute, Univ of Michigan
Omari Ilambu Masters Student WWF
Tracy Langkilde Postdoctoral Fellow Assistant Professor, Penn State University
Eric Lee Doctoral Student Research Scientist, AIR Worldwide Corporation
Nisha Ligon Undergraduate MSc Student Science Media Production, Imperial College
Eric MacEvoy Field Assistant Medical Student, Tufts University
Trent Malcolm Masters Student Environmental Consultant, URS Corp
Helen McMillan Masters Student Marine Habitat Resource Specialist, NOAA
Linda Puth Postdoctoral Fellow Associate Research Scientist, Yale EEB
Jonathan Richardson Doctoral Student Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut
Benjamin Ruttenberg Masters Student Postdoctoral Fellow, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Adrianne Smits Undergraduate Field Assistant, UC Berkley
Cornelia 'Lily' Twining Masters Student Ph.D. Student, Cornell University
Mark C. Urban Doctoral Student Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut
Phoebe Zarnetske YCEI Postdoctoral Fellow Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
VT Field Crew 2002: Susan Bolden, Nancy Cothran, Nicole Freidenfelds