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David K. Skelly
Yale University
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
370 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511 USA

Yale FES



We are ecologists interested in understanding patterns of animal distribution and abundance.  While most of the members of the lab work on amphibians, some of us do not.  For all of us, the base motivation for our work lies in conceptual issues, but we are all field biologists.  By combining theoretical and empirical approaches, we seek to develop and then evaluate ways of understanding and predicting natural patterns. 


Watch David Skelly's Plenary talk at the Student Conference on Conservation Science New York, held at the American Museum of Natural History, October 2013.



No exit: How humans are changing salamanders from Scienceline on Vimeo.

Book release for David Skelly



[01 May 2014] Dave has been selected as the new Director of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History! Read YPM press release.

[01 May 2014] YaleNews -- Biologist David Skelly fell in love with science at the Peabody; now he’ll direct it

[01 Apr 2014] Postdoc Arthur Middleton's latest dispatch from the field, National Geographic Explorer's Journal: Life as the World’s Smallest Camel

[09 Mar 2014] Arthur Middleton's Op-Ed in the NY Times: Is the Wolf a Real American Hero?

[19 Sep 2013] Congratulations to Donnelley Postdoc Arthur Middleton for receiving the first Camp Monaco Prize.

[03 Jul 2013] WNPR CT Public Radio -- Wolves Not Linked to Elk Decline at Yellowstone Park, Yale Researcher Says

[26 Jun 2013] ESA's media advisory about Arthur's Ecology paper: Declining fortunes of Yellowstone’s migratory elk

[01 Jun 2013] Steve Brady's research is featured in The Scientist -- Evolution Takes a Road Trip

[22 May 2013] Arthur Middleton's recent paper is featured in Nature's Research Highlights -- Fish mismatch makes bears eat elk

[22 Apr 2013] Yale Daily News -- Singaporean college to test a new curriculum

[24 Mar 2013] News -- Road salt alters ecosystems: Can the wood frog survive?

[12 Dec 2012] Discovery News -- Evolution Before Your Eyes

[12 Oct 2012] Wall Street Journal -- As Wolves Return to the West, Greens Go to Court by Postdoc Arthur Middleton

[25 Jun 2012] EnvironmentYale -- Humans Driving Evolution of the Spotted Salamander

[22 Jun 2012] Dave and Phoebe's Science paper is available online: Biotic Multipliers of Climate Change

[21 Jun 2012] Science Daily-- Top Predators Key to Extinctions as Planet Warms

[29 May 2012] NY Times Green -- Young Scientists Embrace Crowdfunding

[08 May 2012] NYU's Scienceline -- VIDEO: No exit: How humans are changing salamanders

[26 Mar 2012] Connecticut Wildlife -- An Ecological Spring Awakening in Our Vernal Ponds, by Jonathan Richardson & Hank Gruner

[27 Feb 2012] NY Times Green -- Salamanders Learn to Live With Pollution

[09 Feb 2012] Forbes -- Over-Regulation Fever at the White House

[Jan/Feb 2012] Mother Jones -- The Frog of War

[07 Feb 2012] New Haven Register -- There's gonna be an evolution. Wait, there already was for these Connecticut salamanders

[01 Feb 2012] Science Daily -- Road Runoff Spurring Spotted Salamander Evolution .

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Updated May 24, 2014

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