Masters Students Research Interests

Camille Delavaux: Tropical forest ecology, microbial ecology, and environmental writing. Interested specifically in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon. Focus on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as related to woody plant diversity.

Philip Kunhardt: Tropical, subtropical, and temperate forest restoration, particularly in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, land use history and change, regeneration of fragmented forest refugia, and the social dimensions of forest management and conservation

Hale Morrell:  Conducting fieldwork contributing to land and wildlife conervation particularly in New England and northeastern Canada. Master's project: How passerine abundance and diversity changes in different aged shelterwood stands in northeastern Connecticut. 

Kyra Prats: Forest ecology, ecohydrology, drought and water-limited systems in temperate and tropical forest regions. Master’s project: effects of drought on forest systems in the Mediterranean.

Molly Roske: Forest ecology, forest management for watershed services, riparian forests, silviculture options under climate change. Master's project: Land use change, forest fragmentation and riparian ecosystem health in the dry tropics of Panama

Matheus Teixeira Pires do CoutoTropical forest conservation and restoration, particularly agroforestry systems and ecosystem services in Amazon and Atlantic forests in Brazil. Master's project: carbon sequestration and biodiversity in indigenous Agroforestry Systems, bringing information for payments for ecosystem services efforts in Acre (Brazil).

Alexandra Todorovic-JonesForest ecology, disturbance ecology, climate change and drought in temperate ecosystems. Master's project: Banj Oak's susceptibility to climate change in central Himalayas, India).