Masters Students Research Interests

Matthew Bare: Tropical forest conservation - Andes + Amazon, effective organizations, conservation financing, and forest restoration. Masters research: tree growth in montane forest restoration sites, tropical Andes. 

Matthew Fried: Urban Wood Utilization. Urban Forestry.

Klaus Geiger: Forest conservation, restoration, and management. Applied silviculture, specifially targeted at facilitating natural regeneration to meet landowner objectives

Monte Kawahara: Wildland fire management, sustainable management of public lands, environmental education, indigenous land/fire management, GIS & satellite remote sensing software development for Google Earth Engine, Shark Stanley

Philip Kunhardt: Tropical, subtropical, and temperate forest restoration, particularly in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, land use history and change, regeneration of fragmented forest refugia, and the social dimensions of forest management and conservation

Jon Loevner: Western land conservation and management, collaborative forest restoration, forest governance and policy, timberland investment.

Hale Morrell:  General ecology, ungulate ecology, field ecology, environmental history, land and wildlife conservation in temperate, boreal, and tundra landscapes

Julius Pasay: Management and conservation of working and community forests.  Agroforestry options for temperate forest owners

Molly Roske: Forest management for watershed services, social dimensions of forest conservation/restoration, forested riparian buffers. Master's project: Land use change, forest fragmentation and riparian ecosystem health in the dry tropics of Panama

Matheus Teixeira Pires do CoutoTropical forest conservation and restoration, particularly agroforestry systems and ecosystem services in Amazon and Atlantic forests in Brazil. Master's project: carbon sequestration and biodiversity in indigenous Agroforestry Systems, bringing information for payments for ecosystem services efforts in Acre (Brazil).

Peter Umunay: Tropical forest management and the role of tropical forests in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Master's project: Allometric equations for estimating carbon stocks in natural Congo basin forest: the implication in REDD+ mechanism

Jin Yin: Indigenous knowledge related to biodiversity, biodiversity conservation, and forest policy in China. Master's project: Effects of forest policy on land use change in Southwest China