Masters Students Research Interests

Emily Dolhansky: Temperate forest ecology, fire ecology, disturbance ecology, and climate change adaptation. Master's project: Analyzing how fire suppression and other landscape-level factors have affected the structure, species composition, and successional status of pitch pine-heath barren ecosystems in New York and Maine.

Aaron Lefland: Silviculture and forest ecology in New England. Master’s Project: The Demographics and Regeneration Dynamics of Hickory in New England

Leonora Pepper: Silviculture in northern New England, forestry issues of the American West, and the intersection of restoration and sustainable food production in tropical forests of Latin America

Jessica Wikle: Interests: Silviculture, forest management, forestry outreach/education. Master's project: Regeneration patterns in irregular shelterwood harvests in northeastern Connecticut.

Katherine (Kata)Young: Intersection of sustainable agriculture and natural resource management; biomimickry; multi-strata agroforestry