Silviculture and Forest Ecology

We ask questions that bridge ecology and management, incorporating both biophysical and human elements. The common thread linking our areas of study is silviculture, the applied ecology of forest systems. Members of the lab work around the world, in tropical, temperate and boreal biomes. Through fieldwork, laboratory analysis and theoretical approaches, we seek to advance understanding of the relationships between vegetation, biophysical processes and human value systems.

Lab Partners

The Ashton Lab works in close collaboration with other faculty who have strong forest interests, including Timothy Gregoire, Chad Oliver, Graeme Berlyn, Brad Gentry, Mark Bradford, and Susan Clark.

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Lab news:

Summer 2016: There are two new papers out of the lab. Marlyse Duguid, Hale Morrell, Eben Goodale and Mark Ashton published a paper on Changes in breeding bird abundance and species composition over a 20year chronosequence following shelterwood harvests in oak-hardwood forests in Forest Ecology and Management (doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2016.06.010) and Meredith Martin, Cary Simmons and Mark Ashton published Survival is not enough: The effects of microclimate on the growth and health of three common urban tree species in San Francisco, California. in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (doi:10.1016/j.ufug.2016.06.004s)

November 2015: Mark Ashton and Matt Bare have a new paper in New Forests. "Growth of native tree species planted in montane reforestation projects in the Colombian and Ecuadorian Andes differ among site and species.

July 2015: The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) published an interview with Peter Umunay, 2014 Russel Train Fellow. Read the interview here.

A series of research papers on tropical forest restoration in South Asia that originated during a conference of the F&ES-based Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative (ELTI) has been published in a special issue of the journal Forest Ecology and Management. Read more here.
March 2015: Hale Morrell, Julius Pasay, and Mark Ashton each presented at the NESAF annual meeting in Vermont.

March 2105: Rosa Goodman is working with The Nature Conservancy in Mexico to develop new conservation strategies in the Yucatan.

March 2015: Meredith Martin led a two week workshop with WCS on community forest management in the Taninthayi region of Myanmar.  In the workshop, local foresters and community members were trained in forest inventory methods, resource needs assessment interviews, and the use of dendrometer bands to measure tree growth.

March 2015: Mark Ashton, Marlyse Duguid, Alex Barrett, and Kris Covey have published a book chapter on the Yale School Forests in the book Forest Plans of North America

January 2015: Marlyse Duguid has published a paper with Kris Covey, Charles Carroll, and others on Developmental dynamics following selective logging of evergreen oak forest in the Eastern Himalaya, Bhutan: Stucture, composition and spatial pattern in Forest Ecology and Management