Built Environment and the Environment (BE^2)


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Built Environment and the Environment (BE2) provides a forum for students, faculty, and practitioners interested in the intersection of environmental issues in design fields across multiple scales. Spanning considerations from construction materials to building systems to urban design, BE2 hopes to spark dialogue among students, professors, and practitioners in the field. Our goal is also to bridge the gap between FES and the Yale School of Architecture. This group aspires to serve as a foundation for both short-term projects between students in FES and architecture and long-term comprehension of the skills required to cultivate successful collaboration. We will organize lectures, film screenings, field trips, and design workshops throughout the school year.

Elisa Iturbe elisa.iturbe@yale.edu
Sheena Zhang sheena.zhang@yale.edu
Rushyan Yen rushyan.yen@yale.edu
Meghan Lewis meghan.lewis@yale.edu
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