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Glacial and Deposition Carbon

Figure C
Glaciers are pristine watersheds.  The runoff from glaciers can also support unique and productive watersheds.  As part of a collaborative effort the Raymond laboratory is looking into how the input of organic matter to glaciers and snowpack.  Recent work by our group has identified a significant fossil fuel component to snow and ice carbon.  We are working on determining how ubiquitous this is and what it means to downstream ecosystems.  FIGURE C.
Collaborators websites:
Raymond, P. A. (2005), The composition and transport of organic carbon in rainfall: Insights from the natural (C-13 and C-14) isotopes of carbon, Geophysical Research Letters, 32(14).

Stubbins, A., et al. (2012), Anthropogenic aerosols as a source of ancient dissolved organic matter in glaciers, Nature Geoscience.
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