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Bryan Yoon

Bryan Yoon
I am a 2nd year MESc student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. My main research interest is in studying what factors determine the quantity and quality of organic matter in freshwater systems, and how their dynamics affect the ecosystem services we rely on. For my masters research, I am examining how precipitation events play a key role in controlling the flux and quality of dissolved organic matter in temperate forest ecosystems, and how such changes are linked to drinking water quality. As I continue my education here at Yale, I hope to widen my scope and study:
  1. How the qualitative and temporal dynamics of riverine DOM fluxes affect coastal ecosystems;
  2. How we can utilize remote sensing to improve our assessment of DOM fluxes at larger scales;
  3. How rapid land cover change due to urbanization affects the land-sea linkage in tropical ecosystems.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Yale University – Doctoral Student (starting Fall 2012)

Yale University – Master of Environmental Science, May 2012. Advisor: Peter A. Raymond

University of Washington – Bachelor of Art in Environmental Planning, May 2009.
Thesis Advisor: Lucy R. Hutyra
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