Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Emily Ury

I am a MESc student interested in how watersheds are affected by both natural processes and human inputs to the environment. I am particularly interested in how land use and environmental management are impacting water quality. Studying biogeochemical cycling offers insights into how ecosystems respond to and recover from human inputs and pollution. My current research focuses on nutrient cycling in agricultural runoff. I am using the oxygen isotopes of phosphate to trace fertilizer uptake and export in the Upper Mississippi River Basin.  Phosphorus is one of the most important nutrients and the phosphorus cycle is greatly impacted by the agricultural industry and other human activities. My research is relevant to agricultural management aiming to reduce pollution from nutrient runoff.

Education and Experience

FES, Yale University, Master of Environmental Science '16
Research Technician, Global Change and Watershed Biogeochemistry Lab, Washington State University 2013
Williams College, BA in Chemistry and Environmental Studies '13
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