The Ecotourism Equation: Measuring the Impacts

Bulletin 99
302 pages, 1996

Elizabeth Malek-Zadeh, Editor

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Acknowledgements, Introduction
Section I: What Are the Impacts of Ecotourism and How Are They Measured?
Nature Travel and Rainforests
Gene Cope
Tourism and the Environment: Out on a Limb and Sawing
Vivian Newman and Samuel Sage
Section II: What Are the Parameters of Ecotourism Success?
Evaluating Ecotourism Lodgings in The New Key to Costa Rica
Beatrice Blake, Anne Becher, Jane Segleau Earle
Five Parameters of Ecotourism
Huub Gaymans
The Ecotourism Operation Was a Success, But the Patient Died: A Case Study from Western Samoa
Lumaava Sooaemalelagi, Steve Brown, Francois Martel, and Reevan Dolgoy
The Green Evaluation Program: Preliminary Results from a Pilot Ecotourism Monitoring Program for Nature Tour Operators
Megan Epler Wood, William Norman, Eric Frauman, and Lorin Toepper
Section III: How Can Ecotourism Projects Be Successfully Designed and Implemented? Policy and Management Perspectives
Ecotourism and Cultural Heritage Tourism: Forging Stronger Links
Sharr Steele-Prohaska
Publication Series / Environment and Development / The Ecotourism Equation: Measuring the Impacts