Global Perspectives on Large Dams

Evaluating the State of Large Dam Construction and Decommissioning Across the World

Report on a Conference held November 3-5, 2006 at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Kara DiFrancesco and Kathryn Woodruff, EDITORS

The multifaceted issues surrounding large dams are the source of immense debate among scholars, technical experts, social justice advocates, development professionals, politicians, and engineers. Though essential to development through the provision of water supply, hydropower production, river transport, and flood control, large dams can also have significant deleterious effects on the environment and social wellbeing. The Global Perspectives on Large Dams Conference held at Yale University, November 3-5, 2006, brought together some of the leading experts involved in this debate with the hope of furthering the discussion on large dams.

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Front Matter - Introduction, Keynote, Table of Contents, Summary
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
The Debate Over Large Dams
Kara DiFrancesco, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Keynote Speech: Do We Need More Dams or Fewer?
Bruce Babbitt, Chairman of the Board,World Wildlife Fund and Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior
Part Three - Additional Papers
Publication Series / Global Perspectives on Large Dams