Zhemin Xuan

Selected Publications

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  2. Xuan, Z., Chang, N. B., Wanielista, M., and Williams, E.S. 2013. System Dynamics Modeling of Nitrogen Removal in a Stormwater Infiltration Basin with Biosorption-Activated Media. Journal of environmental quality, 42, 1086-1099. 
  3. Chang, N.B., Xuan, Z., and Yang, Y.J., 2013. Exploring Spatiotemporal Patterns of Phosphorus Concentrations in a Coastal bay with MODIS Images and Machine Learning Models. Remote Sensing of Environment, 134, 100-110. 
  4. Chang, N. B., Xuan, Z., Marimon, Z., Islam, K., and Wanielista, M., 2013. Exploring Hydrobiogeochemical Processes of Floating Treatment Wetlands in a Subtropical Stormwater Wet Detention Pond, Ecological Engineering, 54, 66-76. 
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  7. Xuan, Z., Chang, N. B., Daranpob, A., and Wanielista, M., 2009, Initial Test of a Subsurface Constructed Wetland with Green Sorption Media for Nutrient Removal in On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems, Water Quality, Exposure and Health. 1(3-4): 159-169.