Weiqiang Chen

Associate Research Scientist

Selected Publications

  1. Wei-Qiang Chen, Thomas E. Graedel.Anthropogenic Cycles of the Elements: A Critical Review.Environmental Science & Technology. 2012, 46: 8674-8586.
  2. Wei-Qiang Chen, Thomas E. Graedel.Dynamic Analysis of Aluminum Stocks and Flows in the United States: 1900-2009.Ecological Economics. 2012, 81: 92-102.
  3. Wei-Qiang Chen, Lei Shi.Analysis of Aluminum Stocks and Flows in Mainland China from 1950 to 2009: Exploring the Dynamics Driving the Rapid Increase in China's Aluminum Production.Resources Conservation and Recycling. 2012, 65: 18-28.
  4. Wei-Qiang Chen, Lei Shi, Yi Qian. Substance flow analysis of aluminium in mainland China for 2001, 2004 and 2007: Exploring its initial sources, eventual sinks and the pathways linking them. Resources Conservation and Recycling. 2010, 54(9): 557-70.
  5. Ming Xu, Braden R. Allenby, Wei-Qiang Chen. Energy and Air Emissions Embodied in China-US Trade: Eastbound Assessment Using Adjusted Bilateral Trade Data.Environmental Science & Technology. 2009, 43: 3378-84.