John P. Wargo

Tweedy Ordway Professor of Environmental Health and Political Science at Yale University. Chair, Yale College Environmental Studies Major and Program. Visiting Professor at Yale-NUS College, and Visiting Professor Universitat Basel Switzerland graduate school of Law and Economics.

Teaching Statement

Professor Wargo teaches doctoral, masters and undergraduate students in the area of environmental policy, politics, law, and risk assessment.  Topical areas of research include: agriculture, food safety, pesticides, air pollution, land use, National Parks, Fish and Wildlife Refuges, and hazardous site restoration.  Within these areas, Professor Wargo trains his students to understand variability in the magnitude and distribution of problems, and methods to evaluate the effectiveness of law and policy. 

Professor Wargo has supervised doctoral research on diverse domestic and international projects involving land use, environmental health, chemical management, risk assessment and law.  He has led an effort to build a partnership between Yale College and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies to strengthen the undergraduate major in Environmental Studies.