Tamar Makov



B.Sc, Nutrition, The Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University Jerusalem M.Phil., Yale

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Addressing complex global challenges such as sustainable development and climate change entails two sets of diverging questions: The first, identifies which systematic and behavioral responses most meaningfully impact environmental outcomes. The second focuses on the forces that shape individuals’ perceptions and behaviors. In my work, I seek to bridge these distinct areas of investigation in order to develop a deeper understanding and to encourage sustainable behavior in the areas where it matters most.   

My research focuses on consumer behavior and decision making, and their implications for sustainability. Working with mentors from the School of Forestry as well as Yale's School of Management, I combine behavioral experiments with analysis of large data sets.

 Before attending Yale I was a consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection and the leader of the joint ministerial project for well-being indicators. Prior to my work on well-being, I was awarded a Koret-Milken institute fellowship where I focused on green building policy and sustainable consumption.