Fred Strebeigh

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Writing (F&ES), Senior Lecturer (Department of English)

Research Overview

My research is primarily reportorial and journalistic. I have published in magazines including American Heritage, Atlantic Monthly, Audubon, Bicycling, E—the Environmental Magazine, New Republic, Reader’s Digest, Sierra, Smithsonian, and the New York Times Magazine, as well as the op-ed pages of Christian Science Monitor, Newsday, and the New York Times. My recent and current research includes: A series of articles on Russian nature reserves, including articles in Smithsonian (June 2001), Sierra (March-April 2002), and Russian Life (September-October 2003). Reporting on politics and environment in the 2004 presidential election that includes an article in E—the Environmental Magazine (January-February 2005) and co-editing the book Red, White, Blue, and Green: Politics and Environment in the 2004 Election (edited by James R. Lyons, Heather S. Kaplan, Fred Strebeigh, and Kathleen E. Campbell; published by Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, 2004). A narrative legal history, scheduled to be published by W. W. Norton in fall 2007 that grew out of an article that I wrote for the New York Times Magazine. Topics on which I have published include: the history and origins of nature writing; the influence of nature on artistic form; the role of the bicycle in China; educational exchange between China and the United States; pressures on the Antarctic treaty system; natural and social conditions in the Falkland Islands; traces of early man in southern Africa; saving whales from fishing nets off the coast of Newfoundland; the impact of environmental issues on the presidential election in 2004, and defending the world’s largest system of scientific nature reserves in Russia.