Sébastien Jodoin

PhD Candidate, Trudeau Scholar & SSHRC Doctoral Fellow

Research Overview


Law, Public Policy, and Governance; Comparative and Transnational Law; Human Rights; Environmental Law and Regulation; Regional Trade and Economic Integration; Corporate Law and Governance; Financial Regulation; Property Law and Land Rights; Torts; Transnational Criminal Law; Social Science Approaches to Law.


  • Transnational Legal Theory and Process
  • Comparative Law, Human Rights, and the Environment
  • Rights, Legal Pluralism, and Governance
  • Economic, Social, and Environmental Crimes
  • Markets, Trade, and Pathways of Regional Integration


“Forests, Norms, and Rights in a Changing Climate: Transnational Legal Processes in the Global REDD+ Readiness Phase”

In my doctoral research, I study the transnational legal processes underlying the development and implementation of a new global finance and policy mechanism that aims to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (known as REDD+). Since 2007, close to 50 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America have sought to operationalize this mechanism at the domestic level through processes of institutional, legal, and policy reform supported by a wide range of multilateral, bilateral, non-governmental, and private sector actors that have contributed material assistance, knowledge, and rules. These transnational efforts have led to the creation, interpretation, and application of legal norms associated with the implementation of REDD+, most notably concerning the legal authority to manage forest carbon stocks, the recognition and protection of the rights of Indigenous and local communities, and the ownership and trading of forest carbon. Through interviews conducted with over 80 actors working on REDD+ around the world, my dissertation provides case studies of the emergence and evolution of legal norms within a variety of multi-lateral, bilateral, and non-governmental REDD+ arrangements and their influence on legal practices in Indonesia and Tanzania.