Sander van der Linden

Visiting Research Scholar

Research Overview

Very broadly I am interested in (a) the art and science of behavioral change, (b) judgments and perceptions of environmental risks and (c) psychological research methods. I specialize in the study of pro-social and pro-environmental behaviors using experimental as well as applied statistical techniques.

As part of my PhD, I am conducting a national study on public climate change perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. I am particularly interested in theories of dual-processing and the structural relationships between different psychological constructs (e.g., cognition, affect, risk perception, social norms) and to what extent they can explain and predict important climate change mitigation intentions and behaviors. I am also interested in persuasive communication and how applied models of behavior can be more effectively used to guide public communication about climate change. Other research interests include the bio-psychological nature of pro-social behavior, psychological worldviews (e,g., conspiracy ideation), behavioral public policy and statistical research methods in the behavioral sciences.