Sander van der Linden

Research Associate

Selected Publications

  • van der Linden, S., Leiserowitz, A., Feinberg, G., and Maibach, E. (2014). How to Communicate the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change: Plain Facts, Pie Charts or Metaphors? Climatic Change Letters, 126(1-2), 255-262.
  • van der Linden, S. (2014). On the Relationship Between Personal Experience, Affect and Risk Perception: The Case of Climate Change. European Journal of Social Psychology, 44(5), 430-440.
  • van der Linden, S. (2014). The Social-Psychological Determinants of Climate Change Mitigation Intentions and Behaviours: A Domain-Context-Behaviour (DCB) Model. SSRN Working Paper Series.