Peter M. Umunay

PhD Candidate

Selected Publications

Umunay, P., Lujan, B., Meyer, C. and Cobián, J., 2018. Trifecta of Success for Reducing Commodity-Driven Deforestation: Assessing the Intersection of REDD+ Programs, Jurisdictional Approaches, and Private Sector Commitments. Forests9(10), p.609.

Sullivan, Martin JP, Simon L. Lewis, Wannes Hubau, Lan Qie, Timothy R. Baker, Lindsay F. Banin, Jerôme Chave, (including Umunay, P.M)et al. "Field methods for sampling tree height for tropical forest biomass estimation." Methods in Ecology and Evolution (2018).

Umunay, P. M.,Ashton, P.M and Gregoire T.G., Estimating Biomass and Carbon for Gilbertiodendron dewevrei (De Wild) Leonard, a dominant canopy tree of African Tropical Rainforest: Implications for policies on carbon sequestration. In Press, Forest Ecology and Managament, August 2017.

Umunay, P.M., Covey, K.R, Makana, J.R., and Gregoire, T.G., Effect of shade, fire and weed control on establishment of    Pericopsis elata Harms regeneration, New Forests, June 2017, doi: 10.1007/s11056-017-9594-4

Martin J. P. Sullivan (corr-auth), Joey Talbot , Simon L. Lewis , Oliver L Phillips , Lan Qie , Serge K. Begne , Jerôme Chave , Aida Cuni Sanchez , Wannes Hubau, (including Umunay, P.M) et al. Diversity and carbon storage across the world’s tropical forests, Nature Scientific Reports 7, January 2017, doi:10.1038/srep39102

Crowther, T. W., Glick, H.B., Covey, K., Bettigole, C., Maynard et al (Umunay, P.M): Mapping tree density at a global scale. Nature, 525, 201–5, September 2015, doi:10.1038/nature14967

Umunay, P.M, Ram B Chhetri, Harihar Acharya and Tara P Sapkota: Institutional and Cost Benefit Sharing Arrangement for Implementation of Emission Reductions Programme in 12 TAL districts, Study Report August 2015:

Umunay, P.M and Leo Botrill, Extractives and their potential impacts on REDD+ and Forest Conservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, World Bank Report, November 2014

MECNT, 2010. Plan de préparation à la REDD en R.D.Congo (R-PP). MECNT, Kinshasa, RD Congo.


Peter Umunay and Jean Remy Makana. 2009.Etude sur le Commerce Transfrontalier de Bois Dans le Nord-est de la République Démocratique du Congo. Unpublished report submitted to UICN RDC.


Jean-Remy Makana, Peter Umunay, Corneille Ewango and Jefferson Hall. 2008. Floristic Inventories and Estimation of Forest Carbon stocks in Primary and secondary Forests in Salonga National Park and Surrounding Areas. Unpublished Report submitted to USAID-CARPE and WWF.


Jean Remy Makana, Peter Umunay and Jacob Madidi. 2007. Le Troisième tour des mensurations dans les Placeaux de la Dynamique Forestière de l’Ituri (PDFI), E-bulletin of the Ecological Society of Congo (SOCECO) NO 2 : pp 10-13.