Paul Wolfram

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed publications
08/2017 Wolfram, P., T. Wiedmann. Electrifying Australian Transport: Hybrid life cycle analysis of a transition to electric light-duty vehicles and renewable electricity. Applied Energy, 206C, 531-540 (IF: 5.746).  
02/2016 Wolfram, P., T. Wiedmann, M. Diesendorf. Carbon Footprint Scenarios of Renewable Electricity in Australia. Journal of Cleaner Production, 124, 236-245 (IF: 4.959).

10/2015 Wolfram, P.Carbon Footprint Scenarios of Renewable Electricity: A greenhouse gas emission assessment for Australia. AV Akademikerverlag, Saarbrücken. .

Book chapters
8/2017 Wolfram, P., T. Wiedmann. Potentials to decarbonize electricity consumption in Australia. In: Ó. Dejuán, M. Lenzen, M.Á. Cadarso (eds.) “Environmental and economic impacts of decarbonization. Input-output studies on the consequences of the 2015 Paris agreements”. Routledge Publishing.

Working papers, reports and others
10/2016 Wolfram, P., J. German, U. Tietge, P. Mock. Deployment of Passenger Car Technology in Europe and the United States. Working Paper, International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).
07/2016 Wolfram, P., N. Lutsey. Electric Vehicles: Literature review of technology costs and carbon emissions. Working Paper, International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).
12/2013 Hänel, A., C. Rostock, B. Sluka, P. Wolfram, A. Ahrens. VCD Tempo 30 Soforthilfe-Papier. VCD Bundesverband Berlin.
06/2012 Hänel, A., C. Rostock, P. Wolfram, J. Schneider. VCD Städtecheck 2012: Verkehrssicherheit Kinder und Jugendliche. VCD Bundesverband Berlin.