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PAUL LUSSIER is a Yale alum, graduating Cum Laude in the class of 1982. Since 2013, he has been teaching courses at Yale that he originated: "Towards Science Communications With Impact: Environmental Engagement for a Changing World" at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Sciences, and "Environmental Communications for Public Policy" at Yale College.

Lussier is the Founder and Director of the Yale Science Communications with Impact Network (SCWIN) for the development, piloting and deployment of coalition-building public communication strategies, public policy, and business sector engagement with planetary science, both independently and in partnership with Yale and various external entities.

Current and past SCWIN research partners include government entities in the United States and elsewhere, including the City of New Haven, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Brazilian Institute for Space Research, the Saudi Arabian Energy Ministry, the Chinese Science and Technology Ministry, and the governments of the nations of the United Kingdom and Mozambique. Lussier and SCWIN have also assisted leading global science institutions including the United Nations Stakeholder Forum, and the UNFCC (United Nations Framework on Climate Change). 

Lussier and SCWIN, on behalf of Yale, are Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) observers. Lussier is also among those working  informally on communications with the IPCC. Lussier was invited to the IPCC Expert Meeting on Communications the following February, 2016, and made a presentation on behalf of SCWIN on sector-based communications, which was included in the event's official Meeting Report. In 2016, Lussier was also designated as Executive Director, Climate Communications, to the National Council on Science and Environment (NCSE) after delivering the keynote address at the 2016 National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy and the Environment, in Washington, DC. In 2016, Lussier was also engaged as an official Consultant to the Independent Committee on Climate Change, for the government of the United Kingdom.

Lussier is partnered with the National Council on Science and Environment (NCSE) in the development of the Climate Communications Corps, a college- and university-based network.

SCWIN also assists corporations, brands and organizations with programs to focus and deepen their engagement in environmental issues by developing communication strategies and campaigns that provide traction in sustainability by integrating real ecological and technological solutions towards climate change and related planetary boundaries challenges. Projects include:

• S2B (Science to Business) is a science-business digital platform bringing leading world scientists and  businesss leaders together to develop science-based business planning towards net zero emissions.

• InSCIder is a science-news platform delivering customized pathbreaking science research news to address global individual, business, and consumer lifestyle transformation. 

• C2U: Climate Change: What's it 2 U? is an innovative museum experience that assesses visitors’ key values (business, religion, social justice, etc.) then takes them on an individualized guided tour of exhibits representing potential climate change tipping points, as interpreted through the visitor’s own personal frame of reference, telling the story of how these milestone events will personally affect the visitor and their world.

Current SCWIN project partners include major brands Patagonia, Nestlé, and Virgin. You can learn more about SCWIN and its other projects here and here.

Lussier is currently working on his latest book, DOMINION: Solutions to Change Our World, to be published by Knopf Doubleday in 22 countries in 2018. This non-fiction work tracks a science-based path from the present to sustainability by 2050. 

Today, Lussier is the Founder/President of Paul Lussier Co  a strategic consultancy working with the world’s leading entrepreneurs, philanthropists, thought leaders and national ministries on employing systems change solutions to address super wicked problems. His most recent network partners include a range of national and international scientific and NGO organizations, and private companies like TerraPower, Net Power, National Geographic Society, World Economic Forum, Alucia Productions and the Dalio Foundation. 


Lussier is also the Founder/President/Executive Producer of Me2U Media, Inc., a business/education collaborative of experts in media, science, technology, and communications established since 2012. Me2U Media provides the business and public policy sectors with science-based research for development and piloting of new information ecosystems, media planning solutions and brand messaging, with specific emphasis on sustainability and earth science communications. Me2U Media leverages all available platforms, technologies, and entertainment genres, in all formats: print, digital, broadcast and live events.

Before founding Me2U Media, Lussier was the Founder/President/CEO/Executive Producer/Writer for Citizen Global, founded for the invention of online collaborative video-enabled working groups for education and content-sharing purposes. Lussier developed and acquired patents for globally scalable video-enabled lesson plans and research sharing for science collaborations with media and citizen, cultural, political, military and law enforcement stakeholders. Partners included LEEDER (US Law Enforcement), CIA, Fox Broadcasting, Univision, PRISA Spain and Latin America, BBC Education, X-Prize, National Geographic, Oprah Winfrey, CNN, Starbucks,, and Fremantle Media.

For two decades, Lussier was an Executive Producer/Writer for Time-Warner Television, A&E, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, HBO, ABC, CBS, Fox and other major global communication outlets. He has supervised, written and/or produced over 200 hours of media across all areas of news and entertainment.