Matto Mildenberger

Selected Publications


Stephen Clarkson and Matto Mildenberger. Dependent America?: How Canada and Mexico Construct US Power. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2011).

Works in Progress 

Dissertation Project: Fiddling While the World Burns: The 'Double Representation' of Carbon Polluters in Comparative Climate Policymaking

7. "Process-tracing, counterfactual comparisons and causal inference: A new bridge over the qualitative-quantitative divide"

6. "Geographic variation in US climate change opinion at state and local scales" (with Peter Howe, Jennifer Marlon, and Anthony Leiserowitz). Revise and resubmit at Nature Climate Change.

5. "Divergence and convergence in the study of ideology: A critical review" (with Jonathan Leader-Maynard). Under review.

4. "Testing the conservatism-under-threat hypothesis in a field setting: Evidence from a natural experiment" (with Chad Hazlett)

3. "Why did public concern for climate change decline?: Evidence from an opinion panel" (with Anthony Leiserowitz). Under review.

2. "Feedback dynamics in the study of public policy" (with Leah Stokes and Alexander Hertel-Fernandez)

1. "The politics of strategic accommodation: Explaining business support for US climate policy"

Working papers available on request:

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

6. Homer-Dixon, T., Leader Maynard, J., Mildenberger, M., Milkoreit, M., Mock, S., Quilley, S., Schroeder, T., and Thagard, P. 2013. "A complex systems approach to the study of ideology: Cognitive-affective structures and the dynamics of belief systems," Journal of Social and Political Psychology 1(1): 337-363.

5. Mildenberger, M., Stokes, L., Savan, B., Dolderman, D. and Kolenda, B. 2013. "Beyond the information campaign: Community-based energy behavioral change at the University of Toronto"  Environmental Practice 15 (2): 147-155.

4. Stokes, L., Mildenberger, M., Savan, B., and Kolenda, B. 2012. "Analyzing barriers to energy conservation in residences and offices: The Rewire program at the University of Toronto" Applied Environmental Education and Communication 11(2): 88-98.

3. Flicker, S., Savan, B., Kolenda, B. and M. Mildenberger. 2009. “How to Facilitate (or Discourage) Community Based Research: Recommendations Based on a Canadian Survey,” Local Environment 14 (8): 783-796.

2. Flicker, S., Savan, B., Kolenda, B. and M. Mildenberger. 2008. “A snapshot of community-based research in Canada: Who? What? Why? How?” Health Education Research 23 (1): 106-114

1. Flicker, S., Savan, B., McGrath, M., Kolenda, B. and M. Mildenberger. 2007. “‘If you could change one thing…’ What community-based researchers wish they could have done differently,” Community Development Journal 43 (2): 239-253.

Non-refereed Reports

3. Mildenberger, M. "Exploring the State Space of Ideological Possibility," Waterloo, ON: Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation Working Paper no. 4, June 2013.

2. Clarkson, S. and M. Mildenberger. "Punching Below Their Weight: Why Canada and Mexico are so Important to the United States yet so Impotent in Washington,” Ottawa, ON: Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives Policy Brief, 20 October 2011.

1.  Clarkson, S., and M. Mildenberger. 2011. “Sad by true: Canada and Mexico have no clout in Washington,” Globe and Mail, Friday 7 October 2011.