Marlyse Duguid

Thomas G Siccama Lecturer/Associate Research Scientist

Photo of Marlyse Duguid


Tel: 203-436-3980

Faculty Support
Rachel Radin, 203-432-9794



PhD, MF Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
BS, Horticulture, University of CT


My broad research interest is focused on plant diversity and composition, in particular as it relates to human land use and disturbance. My current research is focused on temperate forest understory plant communities. In temperate forest systems the majority of the vascular plant diversity is found in the understory, and the diversity and composition of this stratum has implications for both ecological function and forest management. My research explores the response of forest understory plant communities to different levels of anthropogenic disturbance. I am interested in how both acute (e.g. forest harvesting, site preparation) and chronic (e.g. climate change, nutrient dynamics, & biological invasions) anthropogenic disturbances interact to affect understory plant communities. Beyond its research value, I am mindful of how data in this area can be effectively applied to on-the-ground conservation actions.