Xuhui Lee

Sara Shallenberger Brown Professor of Meteorology

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Tel: 203 432-6271

Faculty Support
Veronica Taylor, 203 432-6216

Mailing Address
Yale School of Forestry &
Environmental Studies
195 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511



B.S.C., M.S.C., Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, China
Ph.D., University of British Columbia

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Professor Lee’s research concerns the states and principles that govern the exchanges of radiation, heat, water, and trace gases between vegetation and the atmosphere. His areas of interest include forest meteorology, boundary-layer meteorology, air quality, micrometeorological instrumentation, and remote sensing. His current research projects focus on surface-air exchange in nonideal conditions, the dynamics of air motion in vegetation, forest-water relations using isotopes, carbon sequestration by terrestrial ecosystems, and mercury emission to the atmosphere.