Lauren Baker

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Mailing Address
Yale School of Forestry &
Environmental Studies
195 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511



Lauren is a 2nd year doctoral student focusing on international social justice and environment issues, especially surrounding indigenous rights, extractive industries.  She plans to do her fieldwork in the Peruvian Amazon, examining indigenous tensions and identity politics in response to a rapid increase in oil exploration concessions.  She works with Michael Dove and Robert Bailis.

Lauren graduated with an M.E.M. from F&ES in 2005.  She worked for three years at the Center for International Environmental Law in Washington D.C., on the human rights and environment program and the law and communities program (from 2005-2008), before retuning to F&ES for doctoral studies.  Lauren attended UC Berkeley for her undergraduate education, where she studied environmental science (and conducted extended research on marbled murrelet nesting habitat characteristics within old growth forests near Santa Cruz, CA).