Karolina Mellor

Program Coordinator, Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

Photo of Karolina Mellor



Tel: 203-432-5061

Administrative Assistant
Kimberly Chapman, 203-436-4944



PhD - Molecular biology MSc - Biotechnology


Dr. Karolina Mellor comes to the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering with almost 9 years of biotech academic and professional experience.  Before coming to Yale, she received her Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Virginia for her work to improve plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses such as droughts and parasites. Her worked focused on black eyed peas, which are a staple crop common throughout sub-Saharan Africa and are thus essential to the region’s food security.

While at UVA, Dr. Mellor also had the opportunity to work at the UVA Innovation Licensing and Ventures Group - a technology transfer office - where she assisted as a primary business development professional for technologies developed at the university. As part of that position, she explored the commercial potential of technologies, assessed technology markets and evaluated patent strategies. She represented and actively promoted technologies developed by the university and served as a liaison between industry and science.

At the Center, Karolina coordinates research projects and actively promotes the Center’s activity via new and existing networks by bringing together science, communication, marketing, education and outreach.