Jonghyun Yoo

Research Overview

PhD candidate in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (Expected May 2020)

PhD Dissertation Topic: 

Climate change uncertainty, and learning

DIssertation Advisors:

Prof. Robert Mendelsohn (Chair, Yale)
Prof. William Nordhaus (Yale)
Prof. Kenneth Gillingham (Yale)
Prof. Thomas Rutherford (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

Research Interests:

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Climate-economy modeling (Integrated Assessment modeling)
Climate change policy


Research in progress:

The puzzle of climate change uncertainty
Development of dynamic stochastic version of DICE model
Is the sea level rise accelerated recently?
Coastal defense modeling
Extreme Value Analysis and its application to extreme water level
Revisiting macroeconomic impacts of climate change: reproduction of Dell et al.(2012)
Decomposition analysis: the relationship between SDA and IDA