Timothy G. Gregoire

J. P. Weyerhaeuser, Jr., Professor of Forest Management

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Mehtatalo, L., Gregoire, T. G., and Burkhart, H. E. 2008.  Comparing strategies for modeling tree diameter percentiles from remeasured plots. Environmetrics 19:529-548.

Gregoire, T. G., Lin, Q-F, Boudreau, J, & Nelson, R. 2008. Regression estimation following the square root transformation of the response. Forest Science 54(6) 597-606.

Gregoire, T. G. and H. T. Valentine.  2008. Sampling Strategies for Natural Resources and Environment. Chapman-Hall/CRC (ISBN 978-1-58488-370) 492 p.

Goodale, U. M, Berlyn, G. P., Gregoire, T. G.  and Ashton. M. S. 2009. Ecological significance of crown functional traits across size classes and disturbance environments in eight pioneer species in a Sri Lankan rainforest. Journal of Sustainable Forestry 28(1&2)22-47.

Brewer, K. R. W. and T. G. Gregoire.  2009. Introduction to survey sampling. IN: Handbook of Statistics – Vol. 29A. Sample Surveys: Design, Methods and Applications. (D. Pfeffermann and C. R. Rao, eds.) Elsevier B. V. pp. 9-37.

Gregoire, T. G. & Salas, C.  2009. Ratio estimation with measurement error in the auxiliary variate. Biometrics 65:590-598.

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