Gai Doran

Director of Research

Selected Publications

Doran, G. (2013, October/November). Those Pesky Deadlines! How We Communicate May Make All the DifferenceNCURA Magazine, XLV(5):47-48.

Doran, G. (2013, December). Communicating Across Borders: Partnering for Success. NCURA Magazine, XLV(6):11-12.

Doran, G. (2014, January/February). After Five Research Schmooze. NCURA Magazine, XLVIII(2): 20-21.

Doran, G. (2016, March/April). Managing the Refractive Effect of Global Research. NCURA Magazine, XLVIII(2): 20-21.

Doran, G. (2016). Longitudinal Assessment of International Investment in U.S. University Research & Development. Research Management Review, 21(1):1-12.

Doran, G. (2017, October). The Role of Higher Education for Africa’s Sustainable Development. NCURA Magazine, XLIX(5):56-58.