Gabriel Grant

PhD Candidate - Leadership and Sustainability; Director - Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation

Research Overview

Should we mimic nature? Some point out that nature is a survival of the fittest, competition based reality. However, are we limited to the survival based mechanisms from which we evolved? Or perhaps the very
things that distinguish us as human, when embraced, will allow us to be in flourishing relationship with one another and the other life forms that co-inhabit our Earth. Thus, through our own self-actualization could we grow toward the possibility of sustainability?

Gabriel Grant’s research focuses on sustainability, the possibility of all life flourishing together, and how people make meaning of their work. Today we are stretching Earth’s supportive capacity in ways that could be catastrophic for both humans and the environment. This threat and the possibility of sustainability call people to action in ways that create meaning in their lives. As a doctoral student at Yale University’s Center for Industrial Ecology, Grant’s research focuses on the relationships and possible pathways between micro level flourishing of individuals, flourishing organizations and communities,
and at the most macro level, a flourishing planet.